Newark Southern Link Road

Work is progressing on the Newark Southern Link Road for Urban & Civic. We have recently completed 1350m of surfacing, up to binder course, from Bowbridge Lane to Hawton Road. The new earthworks season is fast approaching consisting of circa 1,000,000m3 of material movement following on from season 1 where 730,000m3 of material was moved. The closure of Hawton Road is imminent, starting with the new Hawton Road alignment which will increase the ground level by up to 2m over the existing road and includes the replacement of the existing culvert whilst constructing the new roundabout. Piling Mats for the Flood Alleviation Bridge in Farndon Fields are being constructed and the new River Devon Bridge installation is commencing at the end of February. Finally, National Grid have commenced the construction of the new termination pylon for the underground diversion of the overhead 132kv cables. We will be posting a drone fly through of the works in the coming weeks.