Histon Road – Cambridge

Client: Skanska/ Milestone (Cambridgeshire County Council)

The Histon Road project was designed to provide better bus, walking and cycling facilities for those travelling on this busy key route into and out of Cambridge.

The project consisted of just over 1 mile (1837m) of cycleway improvements along a strategic road in Cambridge. Works included a dual use footway/cycleway and designated cycle lanes. To facilitate these upgrades, we were required to improve the drainage, undertake utility diversions, footway and carriageway construction, traffic calming measures and utilise bespoke materials and products to tie into the aesthetic of the area, such as the ‘Cambridge Kerb’.

Due to the quantity of buried utility services RAMS were developed with the Principal Contractor (Skanska) and Ground Penetrating Radar, trial holes and CAT surveys were all completed. A vacuum excavator was used to excavate in footway areas to avoid potential service strikes.

As the works were located on a busy arterial road into Cambridge traffic management was carefully planned in implemented to maximise traffic flows for vehicular, cyclists and pedestrians whilst providing a safe working area for staff. A one-way traffic flow system was introduced as the best solution to solve the traffic management problem.