Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week 10th-16th May – Plant a Tulip Seed.

To get the conversation started about mental health.

Paul Cummins, a renowned British artist, and Mental Health UK have come together to create an idea to get people talking about mental health. Pauls most notable exhibition was his 2014s ‘Blood swept lands and seas of red’, held at the Tower of London, where he created over 800,000 handmade ceramic poppy flowers.

For mental health awareness week there is a new flower of interest. The Tulip. To get the conversation about mental health started please follow the steps below to create your own version of the Tulip, and start the conversation now.

1) See Paul’s Tulip template attached (or create your own) and colour it in blue.

2) Stick it in your window as a symbol of mental health awareness.

3) Start a conversation about mental health.

To read more about this partnership please go to the Mental Health UK website.